Boxlocal is all about bringing together local artisan goodies, from in and around Bristol.

There are so many amazing local producers from in and around this area that they should be celebrated - that is what our aim is here at boxlocal.

These boxes of goodies can then be given as a gift for any occasion - birthday's, anniversary's, thank you's or just because you want to send some love. They are also great for corporate gifting - giving businesses pride that they too support local artisans and producers.

This year has been a weird one to say the least. Lockdown across the country has actually meant that people turned to their local businesses and local shops to provide them with the things they needed.

I know, as a family, buying local has always been important but even more so throughout this year. We used our local butchers, green grocers and zero waste shop more than ever before. This has been one of the positives of lockdown that I know I want to stick with - supporting those who are trying to make a living out of what they love, what they truly believe in and what they are passionate about.

Boxlocal wants to support these local artisans. Firstly by buying their products, showcasing and selling them. Secondly by hoping that gift buyers and receivers go on to buy again in the future from them, after liking what they have seen, drunk or eaten.

Shopping locally means you are giving all those hardworking independent producers a big juicy hug, and they really will feel that. Every order, visitor or customer that comes through to a small business really does mean the world - so keep doing it, keep ordering locally and supporting those local shops and businesses.

Please go out and check out our 'shop' and look at all the lovely boxes of goodies you can purchase or get in touch to order your bespoke boxlocal today. We would love to hear from you regarding Corporate orders too - so send us an email and we can discuss more.

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