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Meet Simon and the team from the Canned Wine Co. Based in Bath, they spent the best part of 2019 learning about wine and searching for the very best wines for canning. We chose their seriously delicious wine not just because of how good it tasted but because of their independent and sustainable ethos. Canned Wine Co. only work with smaller independent wineries to source the very best wines possible. 

Each wine is a limited run by nature, all single vintage and single variety. We stock their delicious Viogner, a peachy premium white, and their Old Vine Garnacha, an indulgently fruity Spanish red. The perfect accompaniment for our savoury and sweet goodies! 

We interviewed the team to find out more about how their business was born and the defining values behind it.

Tell us more about why you started Canned Wine Co.?

We launched in early 2020 straight into lockdown! We had the idea of making really premium, exciting and unusual wines much more accessible and sustainable. The can designs reflect the flavour of the wines inside, and showcase top examples of single varietal vintage wines from some of Europe’s top producers. We’ve worked really hard to ensure the quality is exceptional across the range and we’re available in some fantastic locations such as Harrods.


What sets you apart from other brands?

Again, I think what really sets us apart is the focus we put on quality and really elevating our product to a premium level. It’s the wine itself that is the star and I think that has worked well in getting people to be more accepting of the format that it comes in.

How is your product sustainable?

Sustainability is a part of everything that we do! We only work with wineries who follow low impact, sustainable practices and suppliers who have sustainability and low carbon strategies. Offering single-serve portions reduces wine wastage and the cans can be infinitely recycled and have a much lower carbon footprint than glass bottles (producing around 72% less CO2 emissions compared to glass)! We are also co-founder of Wine Traders for Alt Formats (WTAF): an association promoting low-carbon practices in the wine industry.

Talk us through a typical day!

A typical day for us is very varied. As our team is still growing we have all found ourselves doing multiple roles but we believe that’s the fun of it! We spend the day making decisions as a team and putting together exciting plans for the future. We're also often out and about, perhaps visiting stockists and trade partners, attending trade shows or even on the beach at Food & Drink festivals! And of course we regularly have wine tastings!

Tell us one of your career highlights! What does it mean to you to support local?

A definite career highlight moment for us was becoming the wine supplier for the National Trust - their ethos of protecting the land and heritage for future generations really resonates with our own values and something we strive to achieve when working with wine makers. But each new stockist creates a special and valuable moment for us, helping us to enable more and more people to enjoy our wines. It has truly been a great journey so far - with lots more to come!

Well we can confirm here at Boxlocal that we absolutely adore Canned Wine Co. wines, seriously high quality and so convenient if you are wanting to send a selection of gifts but not a full bottle. Check them out on our website and add them to one of your gift boxes today!

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