Cocoa Connoisseurs

This week we’ve been singing and shouting about our fabulous local Chocolatiers.

We are so lucky to be spoilt for choice for handmade chocolate in Bristol - varying in styles, budgets and tastes.

When Kate started Boxlocal in 2018, one of her very first suppliers was Zara’s Chocolates. Zara is an award-winning Chocolatier based in the heart of Bristol’s famous North Street.

Zara's milk chocolate buttons are one of our bestsellers and we have most recently added their ‘biteboxes’ in Butterscotch & Pecan and Sea Salt Praline. Salivating as we speak.

Fun fact: Zara's shop is part of Bristol's 'Six Sisters' row of graffiti murals - the largest street art project painted by women in the UK. So fab and so Bristol.

We can’t talk chocolate without raving about the fabulous Emily at Choco Loco. Choco Loco’s bars are just so distinctive and bring the joy that we all need in life right now.

They have elevated our gift boxes and are so incredibly popular in conveying messages such as ‘thank you’, ‘happy birthday’, ‘sending love’ etc. Head to her Instagram to check out some of her cheekier messages.

We are also lucky to offer a range of tasty vegan and allergen-free choccies.

Cocoa Libre have their own line of chocolate that is exclusively dairy, wheat, gluten and nut-free and vegan. Run by a group of mums in Yatton, this chocolate does not sacrifice the taste or sense of indulgence. See their collection here.

Chocbox, one of our newest suppliers, also has a brilliant range of alternative chocolate. Greg’s handmade chocolates are vegan and free from soya, dairy, gluten and refined sugar. Using rare and high quality Raw Criollo Cacao Powder and Raw Criollo Cacao Butter from Peru - all the ingredients are organically sourced and natural. With the packaging being hand painted and made from recyclable, biodegradable materials. Tick and tick.

Last but not least is the wonderful Ooh! Chocolata. Based out of our hometown of Nailsea (woop!), their impressively wide range of chocolate make the perfect addition to any gift box.

From vegan chocolate bars to chocolate hearts, sweets and drinking chocolate, there really is something for everyone and they prove to be consistently popular with our customers.

So there we have it folks! That is our round up of all our fabulous Boxlocal Chocolatiers :-)

Send some local chocolate joy this weekend to friends/family near or far. We are now offering free delivery over £45 as standard so be sure to cram your gift boxes full of choccies!

Bethan and Kate x

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