UK Gift Boxes: 3 Tips for How To Build Your Own Gift Box

Are you looking for a unique personalised gift for someone special in your life? If so, why not build your own gift box for them with hand-picked products they'll love?

At Boxlocal, our UK food gift boxes contain products we source from Bristol and the South West. This way, you can be sure everything is local, fresh, and made right here in the UK.

Keep reading to learn three easy tips on building your own quintessential gift box for the most important people in your life.  

How To Build Your Own Gift Box

If you're not sure what to gift someone special in your life, a custom gift box is a perfect thoughtful and personalised gift. You can include whatever your gift receiver likes and even throw in a few surprises in the mix.

You can decorate the gift box, write a little note, and make it a memorable experience for them. After all, the best gift box is the one made with love from the heart.

1. Know the Gift Receiver

Before you make a custom gift box, you need to know what the gift receiver wants. For instance, if your giftee is a food lover, custom food hampers are the perfect choice. You can include sweets, preserves, coffee mugs, and all their favourite snacks.

For wine hampers, you can include a bottle of the person's favourite wine, wine glasses, a selection of cheese, and of course, chocolate.

If your giftee likes many different things, you can make a versatile box containing all sorts of unique items. Your hamper can include books, personalised chocolate with a funny saying, and a scented candle. The more items you include, the bigger the surprise.

2. Define the Occasion

To create a custom UK gift box, you need to know the occasion. Is it a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or a get-well-soon situation? Is the occasion more formal or more casual? Does the occasion allow for customisation?

This is how you know what to include in the gift hamper and what to avoid. In any case, adding a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the box will make your loved one's special day even more memorable.

3. Choose the Gift Box Contents

Now comes the fun part of putting gift boxes together: choosing the contents! You can add as many pieces as you want and make the gift box really unique and exciting for your giftee.

From gourmet coffee, tea, chocolate, and biscuits to natural skincare and books, whatever you choose is guaranteed to make your gift receiver happy.

Build Your Own Gift Box With Boxlocal the Bristol Hamper Company

Picking a good gift for someone can be challenging and overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. The best way to surprise a loved one is to build your own gift box, add their favourite products, and watch the gleaming smile on their face as they open it.

Interested in UK food gift boxes? Browse our selection of high-quality chocolate, wine, and biscuits to find the perfect choice for any occasion.

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