How to Choose a Gift Hamper for Delivery in the UK

Did you know that the tradition of giving edible gifts to teachers is over 500 years old? It's coming to that time again: the end of the school year. And while apples were the gift of choice for centuries, this delicious but common treat's not going to cut it today.

Enter the gift hamper. Gift hamper baskets are the perfect way to send a message of appreciation to anyone, whether they're teachers, friends or loved ones. And with gift hamper delivery in the UK being quick and easy, they're the perfect message to send, edibles included.

So, how do you choose the best hamper for your recipient? Here's what to consider when choosing your hamper box.

The Occasion

While you may be one of those enviable friends who give gifts just because, most of the time there's a reason for a gift. Are you saying thank you to a teacher, showing appreciation to a colleague, or saying I love you on your anniversary?

The occasion will determine what goes in your box, and the packaging style you're after.

The Recipient's Taste

The next thing to consider is what your recipient likes. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Are they a sweets person or do they prefer savoury flavours?
  • Are they a picky eater?
  • Do they enjoy a little tipple now and then?
  • Do they have any allergies?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you choose the best hamper gift basket for them. If they have allergies, for example, choose a 'build your own' option and get a hamper they can enjoy.

And what if you don't know a lot about your recipient? For example, you'll likely know your child's teacher to say hello to, but you're probably not best pals. In that case, choose a set box, which has been thoughtfully selected to send the right message to the recipient.

Your Budget

You've got the occasion in mind and you know what to buy, but how much do you want to spend? The best hamper gifts for delivery in the UK will come in a range of price intervals, so you can choose the best gift for your budget.

Choose Quality

To really show you care, you want the products in your chosen gift hamper to be of the best quality. Good quality nibbles and boozy treats will send out the message that they're so worth it.

Shop Local

Do you want to make your gift hamper basket even more special? Then the perfect way to do it is by shopping local. Here at Boxlocal, we love to celebrate the wonderful products available in and around Bristol.

And with our gift baskets, we don't just keep these fab finds to ourselves - we want to share them with you, wherever you are in the UK. From scones and jam, and cider and cheese, to local chocolates, your recipients will love the scrumptious treats the South West has to offer.

Choose the Best Gift Hamper With Ease

A gift hamper is the perfect way to send a message of appreciation this year, and your recipient will be tickled pink when they're handed theirs. First, work out their tastes and your budget. After that, you need to choose a high-quality supplier and shop local for delicious treats unique to the UK.

Are you ready to choose the perfect gift basket? Then head over to our online shop and view our set boxes, guaranteed to be appreciated by any recipient.

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