How to Build Your Own Gift Box for Any Occasion

How to Build Your Own Gift Box for Any Occasion

Custom boxes are more popular than ever. One out of seven people in the UK purchased a subscription box in the past year. And within boxes, food and beverages are a trendy choice. 

A gift box is as delightful as a subscription box but better—because it's made with joy and love. Rather than getting a generic gift, why not build your own gift box this year?

You can fill UK food gift boxes with your cousins' favourite treats. Or, you can personalise a themed gift box for your best friend! Learn how to create a unique gift box, and unleash your creativity. 

build your own gift box

How to Build Your Own Gift Box

There are plenty of ways to build your own gift box.

If you want to go the "Pinterest" route, you can repurpose old dessert tins with crepe paper, fill them with tea cultivars you harvested from your own garden, and enclose a heartfelt haiku done in your finest calligraphy. 

Or, you could skip that and use a box-making service. Just make sure to personalise!

1. Think Deeply About the Recipient

It's easy to try to lump the person you're sending a gift to into some general category. But you're not building a gift box for some generic "Aunt" or "Teacher." So, envision them complexly. 

Think through your greatest memories with them. What does this person enjoy? What's their sense of humour like? What would make a happy surprise in a food gift box for them?

Brainstorm by creating a word cloud that catalogs meaningful ideas, words, and phrases. 

2. Choose a Creative Theme

Let your recipient inspire you. Then, choose a theme they'll love.

For some, this might be as easy as their favourite TV show or album. For others, you might need to tease out something more abstract: hope, ambition, or curiosity. It can even be an aesthetic theme, like art nouveau or fractals. 

3. Consider Your Conscience

Keep ethics in mind as you start packing your box. Look for free-trade, humanely-sourced ingredients, particularly for food gift boxes and lotions. 

Consider the impact your box items might have on the environment. Do they require international shipping? Or is everything made locally and delivered via eco-friendly transit?

4. Cultivate a Complete Sensory Experience

As you pack your box, consider the theme through the lens of each of the five senses. What's beautiful or visually appealing? What tastes like your theme, and what scents evoke it? 

Consider plush, soft socks—or cool, smooth objects like sea glass. Keep your recipient's preferences in mind 

For sound, there's nothing wrong with going a bit old-school. Add a mixtape of songs and sounds they'd love. 

Or, for a 21st-century update, create a QR code to a secret playlist on Bandcamp or Youtube. Then, engrave the QR code on a metal pendant or woodblock. Pack the encoded piece in your box! 

5. Write a Note From the Heart

A letter is the ultimate form of personalisation. Write honestly. Your note can show sincere gratitude, overflow with joy, or winkingly reference inside jokes. 

If you get stuck, try retelling a favourite memory you have of them. Or, describe the positive impact they've had on your life. Don't try to use flowery language if that's not your usual style.

Just write as yourself. After all, the real gift is your relationship. 

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