Etiquette Tips for Christmas Gift Boxes in the UK

We all know that one person is impossible to buy gifts for, don't we? They're not into golf. Or football. They forget to water the poinsettia. And they've already finished that book you picked out from the bestsellers display. 

Thankfully, there is an easy solution, and one guaranteed to put a smile on their face: the hamper.

But before you browse the fantastic selection of hampers on our site, get to know the etiquette of buying the right Christmas gift boxes. 


Alcohol is a welcome addition to Christmas for most of us. A bottle of Champagne or Prosecco is a perfect way to celebrate that magical time of year. 

But alcohol isn't always a great choice, so know the etiquette before including it in the hamper. Perhaps your recipient is on medication and can't drink or chooses sobriety as a lifestyle choice.

And it's best to omit alcohol when buying a gift for an expectant mum! Instead, choose a popular alternative such as locally-sourced soft drinks like elderflower.

Allergies and Dietary Needs

We have some delicious sweet treats in our build-your-own hamper boxes. But it's always sensible if choosing an item with nuts to make sure you aren't sending the package to someone with a nut allergy.

The same rule goes if someone is dairy or gluten intolerant or vegan (we have plenty of items in our selection for those on special diets). 

Food and Drink Preferences

Christmas hampers are fantastic indulgent treats for the recipient. But if you want to buy this type of hamper, make sure you know a little bit about the person who'll receive it.

For example, are they tea drinkers? Or are they committed coffee lovers? Do they often go for fine, delicate biscuits as an afternoon treat, or are they more tempted by a rich, traditional Christmas cake

One of the reasons our customers love our hamper selections is because we source locally from Bristol and the South West.

We're the perfect gift for those foodies you know who enjoy spending their weekends at the local farmer's market or high street deli. 

Group Gifts

Christmas hampers from the UK are thoughtful gifts for when you buy for groups, such as your office staff or the teachers at your child's primary school.

But one thing to consider when buying a hamper for a group is whether there is enough selection and variety to share. If you opt for a food hamper, ensure there are a sufficient number of treats so that everyone has at least one.

Be wary of choosing Christmas gift hampers for groups if an individual gift is inside, such as a mug. It will leave your recipients in the awkward situation of deciding who gets that item! 


Always choose a hamper gift with a personal message to suit the occasion.

We have thank you messages, congratulations, as well as hampers for specific celebration days such as mothers day and fathers day. So when buying for Christmas, make sure you include a message to wish season greetings to all. 

These personal touches to your hamper will show your recipient how much thought and care you put into finding the perfect hamper. 

Browse Our Christmas Gift Boxes Now

There are few gifts as impressive and thoughtful as a hamper of treats.

So this Christmas, you don't have to go panic shopping down Bristol Shopping Quarter looking for last-minute ideas. Instead, please browse our vast selection of Christmas gift boxes to find the perfect one. 

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